Michael Klausman
Timothy Wong
Senior Vice President
Abel Gallardo
Senior Vice President
Michael Scarnechia
Vice President Stage Operations
Stage Operations

Specializing in

  • UI and UX Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Web Development
  • Managed Services
  • Social Media

Trang Cao, Head of iMedia/Creative Dir.
323 575 3561
IATSE - Local 800
  • On-camera graphics for television and commercials
  • Full service design and print facility that offers complete graphics creation and fabrication, digital design, and illustration
  • Traditional hand-created graphics, illustration, and photowork
Carson Mazaros, Head of Graphics
323 575 2617
IATSE - Local 800
  • Hi-definition make-up and hair stylists
  • Full service facility
Jodi Lawrence-Miller, Head of Hair & Makeup
323 575 2676
IATSE - Local 706
  • Design and consultation
Dawn Schaefer, Executive Art Director
323 575 2616
IATSE - Local 800
Technical Operations
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275
  • Produce top quality, dynamic and cutting-edge TV graphics for many of the top-rated television programs for all major networks, cable providers and independent producers
  • Graphic creation service available from in-studio deployment to post-production
  • Powered by the Chyron HyperX
  • Seamless creation-to-playout capability including real-time 2D/3D animation and a host of hardware and software support for all major graphic systems
  • Experienced staff capable of providing the graphics needed for success of any type and size of project
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275
  • Storage of all media for shows working in the building
  • Storage of media
  • Storage for all International, Mastering, and Multi Media product
  • Shipping via various carriers including Fed Ex for all of the above
  • Near term and long term storage rates available
  • Provide installation, maintenance and support of Television City cable system users
  • Coordinate projection and various services for in-house and outside clients
  • Arrange and setup Teleconferencing services plant wide
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275
  • Encode, edit (format) and send files for broadcast
  • Integrate Promotional and Commercial content for network delivery
  • Provide disaster-recovery and utilizing file based play-out for broadcast
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275
  • 722 Sq/Feet of Space
  • 28 Fixed theater seating; Room for up to 35 persons
  • HD 1080i Video Projector for DVD, Blu-ray, & HD-SDI sources
  • PC Presentation
  • 122" Screen for 2:3:5, 16:9 Playback
  • 35mm Film projectors
  • 60" Roll around in the room for DVD playback
  • Produces and distributes promotional spots to network and other affiliates
  • Utilizes Avid editing and Digital Audio Post Production (DAP) in creation of promos
  • Feed promos to Network, Affiliates and other outlets as needed
  • Full graphics department for promotional and network-related needs
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275

  • Design all Television City technical infrastructure
  • Manage construction of designed projects from concept to integration
  • Design systems to utilize new technologies
  • Document all facilities using AutoCAD Engineering Design Software
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275

  • Provide 24/7 support for all network, production and post-production activities
  • Factory trained technicians for all VTR formats, encoders and support equipment
  • Design, construct and implement various systems depending on needs for production
  • Support all production, post-production as needed
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275

  • Responsible for supporting needs of Media Distribution Center (MDC)
  • Factory trained Avid support (ACSR) for On-Air Promos and other Avid-based systems
  • Responsible for maintaining Technical Production local area networks
  • Maintain digital graphics systems
  • Support all production, post-production as needed
Tim Wong, Technical and Production Operations
323 575 2275

Facilities Operations
  • Switchboard Operators
  • Phone line installation, DSL, T-1, I.S.D.N.
  • Switchboard Support
  • Repairs of phone lines and instruments
  • Production Billing, Production Company Support
  • Fax line support throughout Facilities
  • Corporate Technical Support for all Telco requirements
K.J. Lay, Supervisor
323 575 2121
  • Move Coordinator
  • Manage outside services: janitorial, pest control, carpet vendors, design firms, window treatment companies, specialty cleaning services, painting requests, commissary vendor, finish vendors, etc.
  • Provides estimates for repairs and new construction
Linda Russ, Manager
323 575 2444
  • Facilities maintenance, electrical, HVAC, plumbing, painting and carpentry crew
  • Manage all contracted construction crews and outside contractors
  • Manage outside services for Waste Management, Hazardous Materials Disposal, E-Waste Disposal, underground water treatment, elevator maintenance and upgrades, window and door vendors, backflow preventer vendors, roofing vendors, asphalt and concrete contractors, etc.
  • Manage Union and Non-Union staff
  • Provide estimates for repairs and new construction
  • Coordinate all electrical and air conditioning outages for the facility
  • Ensure that all permitted equipment is up to date and all vendor-related repairs and certifications are completed properly
Mike Gamboa, Manager
323 575 2462
  • Use AutoCAD drawings to update the facilities layout book
  • Provide structural, architectural, mechanical drawings for new construction
  • Update one line drawings for electrical and air conditioning
  • Knowledgeable in ADA requirements for current codes
  • Provide technical support for acoustical sound proofing for offices, edit rooms, control rooms, etc.
  • Provide detail drawings for flooring and other sub-floor treatments
  • Pull permits from the City of Los Angeles

323 575 2468
  • All office management including billing and auditing all work done within facilities department
  • Mailroom and mail distribution throughout the facility
  • Receiving Department
  • Records Department
  • Xytech and Oracle systems
  • Printing services and outside contracted services related to printing services
  • Copy services for Television City HP and Canon products
  • Manage 6100 Wilshire employees and services
  • Coordinate all purchase orders and ensure that they are processed properly
  • Manage paperwork for all new hires, terminations and all other employee related items through Human Resources and Finance Department
  • Ensure that BPR and Capital Projects remain within budget
  • Fill in for the Director in his absence
  • Provide Pages for all audience production for Television City
  • Assist in small tours of the facility

323 575 2448
The Security Department is committed to ensuring the safety and security of guests, employees, and visitors through effective policies and procedures, as well as collaboration with local and federal law enforcement, entertainment industry security professionals, and community organizations.